Our Mission is to provide an experience that exceeds expectations and rejects established perceptions of a car dealer…being a different kind of dealer. Being fun, friendly, informal and engaged and always earning it, that’s The Estes Way!


At Bill Estes Toyota, we believe that employees must be excited about their career and clearly see their contribution toward the fulfillment of our corporate goals. We believe the business must be profitable to ensure long-term sustainability and to allow our company to contribute to the community in a significant way. We believe we must act differently and earn the trust and respect of every person that gives us the opportunity to earn their business. We believe that at Estes, we are a different kind of dealer and we prove it with our actions



We welcome each and every customer to Bill Estes Toyota. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and engaging experience for our customers. We take pride in giving back to our community and the relationships that have helped us grow over the years. Want to talk to me directly?

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Joey Roby, General Manager

Joey Roby

The Estes Way

The automotive industry is overloaded with sameness and the customer has become accustomed to promotions as a manipulation and views every dealer with the same lens. Every dealer competes on price and price is the enemy of unique. Our brand stands for more than price. Vehicles may have become a commodity, but what we do at Estes is not. We develop and build relationships with people and use cars and trucks as a way to meet those people. We are a different kind of dealer.

The Estes Experience

  • Fun – this should be a happy time, getting a new vehicle is fun
  • Friendly – from your first smile to the final handshake, treat people like your family
  • Engaged – follow-up, be attentive, listen…nobody wants to feel like you don’t care

Providing a fun, friendly, and informal experience makes it easier to make and build trusted relationships. People don’t trust companies, they trust other people – they trust people that are fun, friendly, informal, and engaged. And, we deliver it by calling out the sameness and changing it. We deliver it with a culture of treating people with respect and developing trust by drawing a strong ethical and moral line that we will not cross.

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